What beauty protocols should be used
for a perfect complexion ?

What beauty protocols should be used for a perfect complexion ?

Do you have dull complexion and skin that ineffectively reflects light? To eliminate the appearance of crepiness that makes even the youngest faces look old, aesthetic medicine today offers non invasive, preventive and curative "radiance restoring" beauty protocols with guaranteed safety and effectiveness. Overview. With the amiable collaboration of Doctor Katia Taoueb, aesthetic physician from the 16th arrondissement of Paris.

What is the secret of radiant complexion? Physicians give a unanimous response: "Fine, regular stratum corneum layer and dense, well-vascularized dermis.”  This means that all relatively pronounced skin imperfections – spots, roughness, hollowing, sagging skin, etc. – are likely to interfere with the skin's luminosity.  But there is no cause for panic!  Having lost its radiance, skin can be delicately refreshed.  
On the condition that the appropriate technique is chosen in each case.  Surface irregularities and dull complexion in well-toned skin cannot be treated the same way as shadow areas, lack of density or sluggish microcirculation in sagging skin that is reflecting less the light.


Tired, lackluster, grayish or yellowish complexion, but without losing cutaneous elasticity? Frequently found among smokers and in women with a fading tan, this problem concerns the epidermis and not the deeper skin layers (dermis): imperfections in the stratum corneum (the outermost skin layer, which is in direct contact with the surrounding environment) are responsible for the skin’s "crepiness". The right strategy: light peels with glycolic acid that will deliver double benefits by targeting surface irregularities and purifying the epidermis.


A skincare protocol consisting of several light glycolic acid peels will help restore even-toned, luminous and radiant skin. But a peel should not be scheduled at the first appointment. For optimal results, it is necessary to carefully prepare skin two to three weeks before the first peel, using specific exfoliating products that will get it accustomed to boosting its cellular renewal.

How is it done? On the D-day: working with carefully cleansed skin after eliminating all traces of sebum, the practitioner applies the peeling solution, the concentration of which may vary between 20% and 35% for the first session, depending on the fragility of the skin.

Goal: to eliminate superficial dead cells that asphyxiate the epidermis. There may be some tingling and a slight sensation of heat. After being left on for one or two minutes, the product is removed and then neutralized with a specific lotion.

The right pace: for optimal results, plan on at least three peeling sessions, sometimes even five if loss of radiance is significant, at intervals of two to three weeks.

Results: At the end of the first session, an exquisite sensation of cleanliness can be felt, although radiance results are not yet visible. The complexion begins to look spectacularly illuminated and the skin's texture is clearly more refined only after the third appointment.

Side effects: After each session, the skin on the face may look slightly red but will not peel. This multiple-peel protocol, with a glycolic acid concentration that rises session after session - from 35% to 50% and then 70%-, helps acclimate the skin with a step by step skincare approach. There are no notable side effects and it is possible to continue working on the skin immediately after the peel.

TEOXANE Cosmeceuticals Expertise - At-home maintenance care:

Two essential sessions should be incorporated into the skincare routine.

• In the evening: it is necessary to continue stimulating cellular renewal to correct the appearance of all imperfections with PERFECT SKIN REFINER, which combines anti-wrinkle active ingredients and glycolic acid 10%. After fifteen days of use, skin texture is refined, pores look tightened and the complexion appears more even and more luminous*.

• As a 21-day repair care or before a peel: skin is prepped by applying, every evening for two weeks before the session, the "new skin" effect product RADIANT NIGHT PEEL 15% Medical Device Class I. Brimming with hyaluronic and glycolic acid at a concentration of 15%, this product ensures specific hydration while accelerating cellular renewal.


Battered by stress, excess sun exposure, pollution, smoking, repeated dieting and hormonal disorders, the skin is finally exhausted and looks dull. A few simple reflexes can remedy the situation: healthy lifestyle, well-balanced nutrition, stable weight, careful daily makeup removal, use of targeted cosmetics, and anti-UV protection, even when out on the town. And to awaken the skin's radiance while regenerating its cells, plan to treat yourself to a complete revitalizing care, halfway between mesotherapy and classic filler injections.


The fact that every rounded part of the face reflects light while every hollow part creates sad-looking shadow areas gave rise to product concept at the midpoint between mesotherapy and classic filler injections.

Goal: to redensify and therefore slightly replump facial shadow areas - the hollow of the cheeks and dark undereye circles (the tear trough), frown lines, and nasolabial furrows - and as a result restore the skin's full capacity for reflecting light.

The secret weapon of these dermal-restructuring products: a potent formulation combining non reticulated hyaluronic acid and cocktails of anti-aging ingredients - antioxidants, amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Naturally found in the body, these active ingredients work in synergy to redensify the dermis, deliver deep-down moisture and protect skin from the harmful effects of free radicals.

How is it done? The physician administers multiple injections to the outer dermis, in intervals of about one centimeter, in order to deliver a few drops of product to the concerned areas.

The right frequency: 2 to 4 sessions each year. Then, as maintenance, two to three sessions per year, depending on skin condition. 

Results: Immediately after the first appointment, skin looks fuller and more luminous. It feels suppler, as if plumped from within. With each consecutive session, the dermis is restructured and redensified, the epidermis feels rehydrated and lifted, shadow areas are diminished and light is once again evenly reflected throughout the face.

Side effects: These minimally invasive, fast-acting high-performance procedures are compatible with an active lifestyle. To avoid the risk of hematoma, it is recommended to take no vitamin E, aspirin, anti-coagulant or anti-inflammatory products 10 days prior to an injection.

TEOXANE Cosmeceuticals Expertise - Perfect complexion needs everyday maintenance.

TEOXANE Cosmeceuticals products and skincare protocol indicated: As a complement to PERFECT SKIN REFINER and RADIANT NIGHT PEEL 15% - applied in the evening to promote finer and more regular quality of the stratum corneum -, it is recommended to use on a daily basis:

• RHA™SERUM: boasting the highest concentration of RHA™, Novhyal and Dermo-Restructuring Complex in the range, which helps reactivate natural skin regeneration mechanisms, this serum moisturizes and smoothes the skin while boosting its capacity for reflecting light. 94% of individuals having used this product for 14 days have observed a remarkable improvement in the radiance of their complexion**.

• ADVANCED FILLER: thanks to its unique complex of anti-wrinkle active ingredients, this day-time formula completes your perfect skin protocol with its surface fine line and wrinkle-filling action.***

*Multi-center study conducted on 24 volunteers by 2 independent cosmetic practitioners and 2 dermatologists.
**Self-assessment carried out on 31 volunteers by an independent laboratory.
***Advanced Filler day cream exists in two references, for Normal to Dry Skin and Normal to Combination Skin. Self-assessment carried out respectively on 21 or 30 volunteers during 28 days.

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